Bow Range

All hand made to order within a 6 - 9 Months waiting list

Individual, custom made charactor Bows made with the features found in the tree, our self bows have an individuality that'll make your bow like no other out there.

My bows are what I like to think of as woodsman’s bows, able to adapt to any task, whether your roving with friends in the woods, picking off unsuspecting stumps or toadstools to more traditional shoots, a real Archers friend. The bows can typically be self bows (made from one stave) or double or triple laminates. The timber is in the majority locally sourced from my area in the heart of 1066 country a few miles from battle abbey, and more often than not felled and split-out by myself really lowering the footprint of how far the timber is travelling, whilst knowing its come from sustainable, well managed local woodland.


Bows are very personal to the Archer and of course you have to have bows in stock that might well fit the archers needs perfectly but in the majority of times my bows are made to order. In the words of Hilary Greenland “A longbow is a very personal thing. I would no more buy a longbow off the peg than I would purchase a set of second- hand false teeth.”


Wise words and this is because there are simple questions that should be asked prior to buying a bow, what poundage or weight, what’s your own draw length, preferred brace height, how much set, bow length, Shooting style and what type of shoot do you what the bow for.


All our bows come with instructions for general use and maintenance, there is a 1 year guarantee with all my bows but only if the instructions are followed. Any Questions related to Bows or Arrows please don’t hesitate to contact me and ill do my best to help out. Happy Shooting! 


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