The Woodsman - Woodcraft Heritage Workshop £295

The Woodsman - Woodcraft Heritage Workshop £295

This workshop is not just a axe carving course although you will take home a few large and small projects like a canoe paddle, the main aim of this unique workshop is to learn about the essential skills, tools and devices for woodland crafts, including how to process your materials and convert them using traditional methods into usable product.

Whats it About 

The Woodsman is a generic ancient term for any folk that work in the woods and this in-depth workshop starts with the beginning of any woodsmans project, the felling of the materials needed. From here we'll discover how our ancestors hewed out beams and planks using traditional tools and methods useing a series of essential woodmans devices including brakes and vices for dealing with large timber.

With these skills you'll be able to be more efficient in the woods. Whether practicing bushcraft or building Woodcraft projects or just have a interest and curiosity of how our ancestors tackled day to day life in the past with no modern conveiniances like chainsaws! This workshop is designed to be a fascinating insight to our Woodcraft heritage.

Course content

  • Traditional tree felling techniques
  • Converting timber
  • Axe safety
  • Carving with a axe
  • Woodsman tools
  • Tool design and maintenance
  • Hewing beams accurately
  • Converting timber to lumber
  • Grain orientation
  • Woodsmans brakes
  • Woodsmans vices
  • Woodsman joinery
  • Carving Canoe paddles

The course is designed to be a team effort so don't be put off by the thought of heavy tree work. You won't be tackling big projects on your own and the aim of the workshop is to give you the skills and knowledge to be able to reproduce and duplicate what you've done in the workshop this includes a large and small craft project and ability to produce the timber you need to make almost anything from the woods, like the materials needed for your carving projects or larger timber needed like planks and cleaved wood. This gives you a higher understanding of how to sustainably obtain materials and a higher level of efficiency when working in and around the woods, so your free to be more self sufficient.


The course is set entirely in the outdoors under the cover of canvas tarps. Approipriate warm outdoor clothing is required.

This is a adult course only

Upon booking youll recieve joining instructions with more course information and directions.  

Dates and times

 Fri 18th - Sat 19th & Sun 20th of November 2022 - (arrive 5pm -6pm the night before. (Full) 

Thu 16th - Fri 17th - Sat 18th - Sun 19th of November 2023 - (arrive Thursday 5pm -6pm. (Places available book below)


Woodland camping is included at no extra cost 


Near Heathfield East Sussex 

Course size 

10 max (Full)


The cost of this course is £295 per person. We will invoice for the remaining £195 6-4 weeks prior to the course start date. The deposit garentees your place on the course. 


John Doyle 

"Phils technical knowledge is only rivalled by his ability to put information across simply and logically. Phil's love for both his subjects and his students underpins all his courses. He is someone in whom you can place your trust in the full knowledge that you will receive the very best in technical excellence and personal attention. Thanks again! John."

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PRICE: £100.00
The Woodsman - Woodcraft Heritage Workshop £295
The Woodsman - Woodcraft Heritage Workshop £295
The Woodsman - Woodcraft Heritage Workshop £295


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