Yew Board
A English yew board, off cuts from our longbow workshop, perfect for tool handles, stabilising, craft projects or scarfing lengths together to make a stave or two.
Yew Board
A English yew board, off cuts from our longbow workshop, perfect for tool handles, stabilising, craft projects or Resin table tops.
Yew tool handle wood or crafts
Three big bits of yew that didn't make the cut for bows but would make excellent knife makers handles, nice swirling grain patterns ideal for stabilising. There's a knot in one but clean enough to get a nest of quality handles.
yew 2ft handle blocks.
Three really lovely billets of yew perfect for knife/tool makers, lots of depth for bigger tools or can be cut down for knives. lots of intresting grain and great for stabalising with resin etc. £30 for all three.
Yew billets (sold)
Three billets of good Yew to make staves from. Each billet can be cut in half and then spliced/scarfed into a stave using a z,w or v join as pictured but please note they don't come with a joint cut. A great project for a backed English longbow.
hazel staves (sold)
Two hazel staves one perfect for a heavy bow, the second half of a 100lbs bow I made that was reflexed. unfortunately that means one of theses staves is deflexed, you could either make a very accurate bow or heat treat it straight.
2x black walnut bellies (sold)
Two for the price of one on these Black Walnut bellies, there's some slight rounding where the staves aren't completely square but still plenty of good wood to do a backed bow and shape D section without any worries.
mixed laminate strips (sold)
Mixed length, mixed depths, mixed species. There's maple, red oak (for cores or bellies if glued together) and English Ash. £25 for all of the strips seen in the picture.
Black Walnut Board (sold)
Beautiful black Walnut off cut board from our longbow workshop, great for scarfing together to make several staves, craft protects or small tool handles. (sold)
Yew Staves to be backed. (sold)
Two yew staves that because of one small feature in each stave means they cant be used for bows for the shop but are still very good. Just over 3/4 of the way up the stave on each side there is some reaction wood where the grain swirls and you can see (so
yew stave/cores or bellies. (sold)
Big off cut from our yew laminate making. There enough wood here for 4 decent backings or two 1" deep bellys cut out side by side or one big stave to be backed.
Yew Flatbow stave (sold)
A slightly deflexed yew stave perfect for a flatbow. (sold)
English yew staves x3 (sold)
3x English Yew Staves. (sold)
Ash charactor staves (sold)
Two character staves one farely straight forward the other has a largre features that looks worse than it is but will be a tillering challenge for someone looking to continue there journey into bow making. (sold)
Ash/yew laminate (Sold)
A English Ash backed yew laminate made up of 3 pieces of yew, this will make an excellent bow but didn't make the cut to be made into a sellable bow as there's some small lateral shakes that where filled with warm epoxy. Ive got bows I made from
Rough ash staves (sold)
Two ash staves sold together as one that can be ripped down to cut out some backings or bellies, or just made into self bows. They will make bows and would be great to practise on before spending money on a staves from the bow staves section of the site b


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