Bow Staves


Ash Bow Stave
Whether you'd like a self bow stave, double or triple laminate we can provide what you'd like. We fell our staves ourselves from local woodlands sustainably meaning we can select the best trees, fell them and split them out ready to become a bow
Ash Bow Stave at final dimentions
Ash Bow stave reduced to final dimensions with medieval longbow dimensions, the stave comes ready to D - section and tiller saving time and a lot of effort reducing the stave, whilst still allowing you to make your own Bow.
Red Oak Bow Stave
Another rare opportunity to obtain an excellent Bow wood. Red oak Bows look stunning with speckled creamy white sap wood that fades into the rose coloured belly wood.
Double Laminate stave
Rock maple as the backing wood, black walnut as the belly wood. A beautiful contrast with the cream rock maple and golden grain set against the dense deeply coloured black walnut. Well suited to heavy bows.
Yew: Double Laminate stave
Rock Maple as the backing wood, Yew as the belly wood. A beautiful contrast with the cream Rock Maple set against the dense deeply coloured orange & red grain of the Yew. Well suited to heavy Bows.
Triple Laminate stave - Rock maple, Cherry & Jacobo
Rock maple for the backing wood, Cherry for the core wood and Jatoba for the belly wood, Jatoba is a wood species most commonly found in South America and the Caribbean listed by the International Union for the conservation of nature ( IUCN) as a species
Triple Laminate stave - English Ash, Cherry & black walnut
English Ash, Cherry and Black Walnut make up this stunning wood combination. The white of the Ash against the Cherry core and Black walnut belly really looks special.
Reflexed triple laminate stave
Reflexed triple Laminate staves These staves are made reflexed so the bow limbs store more energy allowing more speed for the archer. Rock Maple, Cherry and black walnut or with Jaboto as the belly instead of the Walnut make up this stunning bow comb


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