laminate strips


Custom build your own - Double Laminate stave
Hickory, maple, Bamboo or English Ash as the backing wood, black walnut, lemon wood or Ipe as the belly wood. just pick the woods you want we'll Build your own custom laminate stave.
Hickory, Purple Heart & Lemon Wood Triple laminate
A classic lamination of Hickory, Purple Heart & Lemon Wood make up this very popular classic Triple laminate.
Maple backing strips
Maple backing strips 80" long 2" wide and 1/4-3/8" deep perfect for backing your own project.
American Ash Backing Strips
Ash backing strips, great timber cut by us. Tough, strong elastic native wood perfect for longbows & flatbows.
American Cherry cores
American Cherry Timber is a warm red hardwood origination from North America. Characterised by its strong composition and straight, close grain, American Cherry offers moderate strength with shock resistant properties ideal for a core.
Black walnut Bellies
Black Walnut ideal for bellies to make your own laminate bows.


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