English Longbows made to order

Pacific Yew Double Laminate with backings of your choice
Top quality Pacific Yew backed with your choice of Ash, Rock Maple, hickory or bamboo(+£25). choose your draw length, poundage and right or left handed. Made full compass these Bows prove sweet to shoot whilst still packing a punch.
Build Your Own Double Laminate Longbow
Hickory as the backing wood, black walnut as the belly wood. A beautiful contrast with the creamy, golden grain of hickory set against the dense deeply colured black walnut. Well suited to heavy bows. Just one of the many combinations available.
Build Your Own Triple Laminate Longbow
Choose your own backing wood and tapered core with a lemon wood belly. Hickory is a classic, tried and tested backing wood, purple heart is a excellent core wood and lemon wood arguably has the best characteristics for a belly wood. A beautiful contrast
English Yew self Longbow
The Medieval Warbow - Iconic and deadly, used by our ancestors for a very, very long time, even resisting the firearms that’s eventually superseded it.
Pacific Yew Warbow
A rare oppotunity to have a quality pacific yew self longbow made by us with timber from canada that is incredibly dense and maybe the closest timber to the timber used by our medieval ancestors at some of the most famous battles of the period, Crecy, poi


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