English Longbows made to order

The Woodsman-Ash Longbow £350 initial £50 Deposit.
Woodsman all through our islands history most probably turned to ash as it’s been so readily available and such a great timber. The under rated plain Jane of Bows but probaly my favourite bow wood, strong, elastic wood...
The Warrior-Double Laminate Longbow £450 initial £100 deposit
Rock maple as the backing wood, black walnut as the belly wood. A beautiful contrast with the cream rock maple and golden grain set against the dense deeply colured black walnut. Well suited to heavy war bows.
The Dragon-Triple Laminate Longbow £550 inital £100 deposit
The Dragon simply because it’ll spit fire. This wood combination is fast! Rock maple for the backing wood, Cherry for the core wood and Jatoba for the belly wood, Jatoba is a wood species most commonly found in South America and the Caribbean listed by
Yew Long Bow - £650 initial £100 deposit
The Medieval Warbow - Iconic and deadly, used by our ancestors for a very, very long time, even resisting the firearms that’s eventually superseded it.


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