Rare Laburnum self bow stave (sold)

Rare Laburnum self bow stave (sold)

Only One available, a rare opportunity to buy a Laburnum self bow stave. 65" long 4.5" wide and 3" deep, perfect for a short ELB or flat bow. a super dense and elastic bow wood great for bow making. laburnum is common in parks and towns and has been in the uk since about 1560, very common in southern europe with its bright brillant yellow flowers making it very distictive, another name for this tree is yellow rain!

The white sapwood and choclate brown heart wood make this one of the best looking bows going, second maybe to only high quality Yew. Please be carful when working this timber as every part of the tree is poisenous. Work in a well ventalated place or outside. (sold) 

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PRICE: £90.00


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