Planked Shield Quartered

Planked Shield Quartered

Battle ready Viking Age shield

The shield will come battle ready, made from linden wood (lime) a number of different woods that have been used thought-out history for shield making include lime (linden wood) willow, aspen and pine.

The shields are 5/8 to 1/2 inch thick as standard and not tapered. (If you want your shield tapered to save a minimal amount of weight please specify in an email.) Edged with thick raw hide for protection and laminated with a material of your choice.

The handle is English Ash for strength and hand carved and traditionly riveted to the shield. A hand forged, hammer raised shield boss, made from heavy 2mm steel. The shield comes with a thick leather strap to wear over the shoulder and back as standard with two hand carved reinforcement bars on the back of the shield. Meaning that including the handle theres three supporting bars on the shield for maxium strengh.

These shields are made for battle as traditionly as possible, lime is light but very fiberous so wont spilter. Dont settle for plywood when your other gear is so authentic!

These shields are made for combat, they can be backed on both sides with canvas for maximum strength. Viking era shields weighed around 7lbs to 15lbs, we work within these weights ensuring maximum strength whilst still enabling the combatant to wield the shield. All our shields typically come in under 10lbs and on arverage are 7-8lbs.

To Order, please pick from the options below. All orders are hand made and unique to you, any art work you wish to have on your shield outside of the art work I provide please email me the designs and ill do my best.

All orders are non refundable so please order exactly what you require

To order pick a diameter for the shield, if your an average sized person, 30″ to 32″ would be fine, 34″ should be big enough for most. If you need bigger please state in your email, This is the total width of the shield.

Pick the colours of patterens you’d like. If you want a different colour just add it to an email.

Key features

  • Shiplap joints
  • Edged with thick raw hide.
  • Edge reienforced with thick rope under the raw hide to give double protection from blows
  • Option to Back on both side's.
  • Customised Art work.
  • Ash handle and two reinforcement bars add great strength.
  • Leather handle & shoulder strap.
  • Hand forged thick steel boss.
PRICE: £320.00


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