Pacific Yew Warbow

Pacific Yew Warbow

A rare oppotunity to have a quality pacific yew self longbow made by us with timber from canada that is incredibly dense and maybe the closest timber to the timber used by our medieval ancestors at some of the most famous battles of the period, Crecy, poitiers and Agincourt to name a few!

Due to similar growing conditions in canada found in europe at the time of the 100 years war, this Yew helps us to re-create the War bows of the period.

 The medieval Warbow - Iconic and deadly, used by our ancestors for a very, very long time, even resisting the firearms that's eventually superseded it. Have your very own Pacific Yew Warbow made bespokly by us, choose your poundage and draw length, horn nocks and arrow a plate come as standard of course. The style is the Medieval war bow, which has slightly different design features to a butt/target bow. The medieval style offers bows of heavier weights far more security, whilst spreading the higher forces across more of the bow and slightly through the handle. This is called full compass. All the bows are tilered to full compass for strength and security. The length of the bow varies, most of my mid weight bows are around 74"- 76", heavier bows go up to 80". Don't get to wrapped up in this as a longer bow is a safer bow and smoother to shoot, unless your very small in which case email us, otherwise we'll make the call on length relevant to the poundage you choose.

Heavy War Bows - To order a Bow over 70lbs please email me to discuss your requirments.

Key features

  • All Bows come as standard with a whipped leather handle.
  •  A string whipped and matched to your Bow. 
  • Two groove horn nocks, one groove for the Bow string and another for a stringer. 
  • Plus a horn arrow plate come as standard. 
  •  The Bow comes in a 7ft Bow Tube and a canvas Bow slip! 

For all orders outside the UK please email us via the contact us page to order and for International postage costs.

Please select the correct postage option for Bows and Staves at the checkout.

PRICE: £725.00


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