Medieval War Arrows x6

Medieval War Arrows x6

Medieval War Arrows for Traditional Bows with a Type 10 short War Bodkin which was one of the most common war bodkins and would penetrate chain and plate armour at short as well as long range.The Bodkins are pinned to avoid loses. Nocks are reienforced with horn to protect them form heavy poundage bows. We can use other type bodkins so please email us for other types barbed or un-barbed. Please note the bodkins may vary slightly as there traditionly made.

Ash shafts Made by us in East Sussex, felled by us, split out by us and only the straightest grained wood is planked and made into shafts, meaning next to no carbon footprint. War bodkin which is glued and pinned to avoid losing in targets etc.

Arrows are 1/2" Ash shafts, choose tapered or barrelled. The 8” feathers are hand cut by us & bound on with fletching thread, the nock end is strengthened with a horn insert. The spine is suitable for war weight bows of around the 80lbs plus mark. The Arrows come with War bodkins as standered so be sure to choose your correct draw length. We measure our arrows by your chosen shaft length so the pile extends just beyond this, when you draw your bow your therefore looking  & particualy feeling for the nock so your realase is consistant.

As pictured in the medieval style arrows page all arrows come packaged in there own arrow tube made of tough plastic that can be used as a quiver or for transport. The excellent extendable tube locks in place to suit your arrows length and comes with a shoulder strap.

key features

  • Heads are pinned to avoid losses.
  • local blacksmith made bodkins
  • fletched with traditional thread.
  • Shafts made by us in east sussex with local timber.
  • Hand cut 8" feathers.
  • Horn nock inserts.
  • choose your own fletching thread.
  • choose between barrelled and tapered.


  • For all orders outside the UK please email us via the contact us page for International postage costs.
  • All arrows come in there own arrow tube as pictured in medieval style arrows page.
  • Any Questions related to Bows or Arrows please don’t hesitate to contact me and ill do my best to help out. Happy Shooting!
PRICE: £125.00


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