English yew staves x3 (sold)

English yew staves x3 (sold)

3x English Yew Staves. three bellies for laminates that didnt make the grade. Theres some big shakes running down the staves, too good to waste but not good enough to make into sellable ELBs.

If i had time id use a dremal burr to clear the shakes and use a good exoxy resin and yew saw dust mix to fill the shakes. ive got bows that are shooting great that are ten years old useing this method. A fun project espiecally for those that want to practice various bow making techniqes.

Alternativly great for resin craft projects and crafts alike.

80" long by 1" 3/4 wide by 1" 1/2 deep. £45 for all three.

Please select the correct postage for staves and if your off shore or international please email us for postage costs. (sold)

PRICE: £45.00


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