customize your own Medieval Style Arrows x6

customize your own Medieval Style Arrows x6

Ash shafts Made by us in East Sussex, felled by us, split out by us and only the straightest grained wood is planked and made into shafts, meaning next to no carbon footprint. Medieval style armour peircing bodkin points that can be used with targets.  

Medieval Style Arrows with Ash shafts with your choice of 6″ white cock feather and two white and black barred hen feather, which are hand cut by us & bound on with fletching thread of your choice. Or hand foraged Canadian goose feathers I personally forage from local lakes when the birds naturally shed there primary flight feathers. Self nocked or strengthened with a horn insert. For traditional archer who want a medieval arrow but dont shoot war poundage.

All arrows come packaged in there own arrow tube made of tough plastic that can be used as a quiver or for transport. The excellent extendable tube locks in place to suit your arrows length and comes with a shoulder strap.

Key features

  • Ash shafts carefully made by us with only the staightest grained sawn out lumber used. 
  • Hand cut feathers, bound on with traditional thread.
  • self nocked or with horn nock inserts.
  • 3/8 shafts which is just over the commonly used 11/32. 
  • Amour piecing style reinactment Bodkins. 


  • For all orders outside the UK please email us via the contact us page for International postage costs.
  • All arrows come in a arrow tube.

Any Questions related to Bows or Arrows please don't hesitate to contact me and ill do my best to help out. Happy Shooting!

PRICE: £90.00


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