Dave Anderson 2019

A happy customer 🏹: "First real test this morning and hit 252 with 42 arrows 🏆 so well pleased. Very nice bow; loving it. Couple of people asked about it so passed on your details. How's the Dragon Bow coming?

David Pye 2018

The Bow arrived safely and I must say she's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! Looks stunning and feels good in the hand, haven't had a chance to shoot her yet but hope too later in the week and she will definitely have a good outing at the ILAA championships at the end of June. Many thanks for a great job and when it's time for another bow I'll be back.

Graham Weller 2018

My Bow arrived safe and sound in a very sturdy black tube which will be handy for storage. The bow is a beautiful bit of craftmanship, the Ash has features from the tree that make it a very unique bow to look at, tough and shoots well. Im very pleased and love shooting my new Bow!    

Gavin Verebelyi 2017

The bow looks lovely great craftsmanship, I just wanted to let you know I have shot the bow today I absolutely love it and I am not finding it to heavy, its great thanks again.

Irish Davey 2017

I highly reccomend Phil and Chosen Paths, my Longbow is excellent, It openned my eyes to the wonderful world of Archery and our precious woodlands. What I love about my Bow is I know where it came from almost to the Trees location. Felled, split out and made all in Sussex. Thanks again, wonderfully crafted and shoots very well.

Antoney Whitten (Perth Austrailia) 2017

I abolutley love the Bow, (Holmegaaed Flat Bow) and arrows. The crafmanship is fantastic and as a carpenter i apprieciate it even more. Thanks again and I'll spread the word Down under!

Nick Goldsmith 2016

Phil is an excellent teacher with a raft of outdoor knowledge ranging from his qualifications in outdoor leadership, ethnobotany, Wildlife identification and tracking to making Excellent English longbows and Viking era shields using traditional methods. This experience coupled with being a former military man makes Phil the perfect instructor for the instructors Course. His infectious passion for the outdoor world and our native countryside is clear to be seen with a skill set to match. I write this having been taught first hand myself and in more recent times also working alongside him on the woodland Warrior Programme.

Scott Batty 2016

Phil Brooke is a truly excellent tutor of bushcraft and living history skills. He has a broad knowledge base and deep understanding of outdoor living skills, natural history and craft. But key to all of this is his ability to deliver this effectively by being very personable and somehow allowing people to progress at their own pace whilst simultaneously ensuring everyone gets to the end result.
I have had the pleasure of learning from Phil over some time now. Firstly in 2013 when he mentored me to my first ever successful bow drill and in 2016 on the instructors course when he was assessing my own teaching where i taught bow drill to a group (and nailed it!).
On top of his knowledge, personal attributes and experience, from a peace of mind perspective, Phil will also go out of his way to make sure people are safe and comfortable with how things are going.
For all of the above reasons, I would not hesitate in recommending Phil's tuition and look forward to future opportunities to learn from him.

John Doyle

2015  Bushcraft instructor's course

Phils technical knowledge is only rivalled by his ability to put information across simply and logically

A big man with a big heart - Phil's love for both his subject and his students underpins all his courses. He is someone in whom you can place your trust in the full knowledge that you will receive the very best in technical excellence and personal attention.

I recommend him and his company unreservedly to anyone wishing to embark on a journey into the natural world or seeking to further their skills - whether it be in bow making, Shield making, plant and tree lore, Animal tracks and sign or learning to become an instructor in this wonderfully fascinating field.

Jacob Williams 2015

I had the pleasure to be instructed by Phil during a level 4 instructor's course and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every moment of it. Phil's Viking/mountain man appearance hides a thoughtful and compassionate man who possesses a deep knowledge of his subject, coupled with a friendly and effective teaching style. I was particularly impressed with his ability to utilise differing teaching styles interchangeably to meet the needs of individual students within the group. I often struggle in teaching environments due to dyslexia but Phil always found a way to reach me without singling me out or interrupting the flow of the lesson for other students.

In ten weeks of instruction Phil demonstrated his knowledge and dedication time and time again and on the extremely rare occasions where he didn't know something he wasn't afraid to say so and this, as much as anything else shows the quality of his knowledge and character. As well as being an excellent educator Phil is also a consummate professional who exemplifies the qualities and attributes one would want to see in an instructor who will be guiding students through demanding long and short term programmes.


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