Self Bows & Laminates

Whether you'd like a self bow stave, double or triple laminate we can provide what you'd like. We fell our staves ourselves from local woodlands sustainably meaning we can select the best trees, fell them and split them out ready to become a bow. This way we have a deeper understanding of the stave and see the process all the way through. 

For the less common wood species its what we saw out or whats available at our local saw mill. We always know where its come from and try to keep the travel footprint to a minimum.


Stave sizes vary but there usually around 3" by 3" for self bows with a length of of over 6ft but no larger than 7ft. Long enough for any long bow and wide enough for any flat bow.

Laminates are usually more like 2" by 2" lengths are again over 6ft and under 7ft and come glued.


Becuse of the variation of woods please email me to ask for a stave and prices

Woods available. Ash, American Ash, Black walnut, Rock Maple, Cheery, Jaboto, Hicory. 


In your email please state what you want and give me your email and delivery address.


We'll send you a payment page to complete the order.




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