Phil Brooke Longbows - The Way Of The Woods

Woodsman, Bushcraft Specialist & Traditional Bowyer

Due to the recent troubling events we just wanted to let you know We're open for business as usual, we're fortunate to work from our home workshop and are able to actually process orders faster as a result of Social distancing! We're a small Family business producing high quality Longbows so please support the small guys not the Big Market Places who'll walk these troubling times! Thanks and Stay Safe, happy shooting! Phil

Phil Brooke Longbows is based in a beautiful woodlands in the heart of 1066 country, East Sussex. We make Traditional Bows and produce Bow staves which are popular with our clients. Phil is a Woodsman, Bowyer, Bushcraft specailist and keen Naturalist. He Founded Chosen Paths Bushcraft in 2011, and since then the company has evolved into Phil Brooke longbows. Our primary role is the making and teaching of multiple styles of bows and teaching a broard amount of subjects from Traditional Bow Making, Bushcraft, Deer butchery, Woodcraft, Natural navigation, Plant and Tree Lore,  Animal tracks and sign and much more. Phil has also been connected to the Woodcraft School in Midhurst for nearly ten years initially as a student then instructor and now as Woodcraft schools Chief Instructor for more than 7 years.



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