Chosen Paths Bushcraft is based in a beautiful woodlands in the heart of 1066 country near Herstmonceux, East Sussex. We offer courses and qualifications like the Certificate of Bushcraft Leadership – NCFE  Level 4, Traditional Bow making, Viking era Shield Making and Wild food. We also make Traditional bows and shields which are popular with our clients and the re-enactment scene.  Our courses are Suitable for people of all ages and experience.

Embodied in our name, and ethos, is an idea of natural history as a gateway to understanding the world around you, and discovering a new world within. The greatest technological, industrial, and cultural achievements of our age, or of any age to come, are bound to be staged within the fabric of nature, possibly helping us to try and understand the deepest truths of the natural world.


Below is a short programme we made with CBBC wild

Phil is the first instructor on John Rhyder’s courses at the woodcraft school.

The Forest Garden Project in Brighton is a inspiring community project that we provide points bearing accredited qualifications and training in Bushcraft to young people and adult’s.


A world in which our species was truly born – this link ensures that only the highest abilities of awareness in all aspects of wilderness life were developed and maintained. We strive to un-cover and maintain our ancestor’s skills and knowledge, so we can pass on our heritage for generations to come and not lose our roots forever. With a range of courses and qualifications in Bushcraft and natural history. Run from a comfortable expedition-style camp in the Sussex Weald, and run throughout the year – whatever the weather.



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Bushcraft is about the skills and knowledge that allow you to thrive in a raw natural environment. Time tested techniques, often passed down by aboriginal peoples, and simple yet robust tools that strive towards self-sufficiency. Bushcraft is about being resourceful and engaging in the natural world